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My love of sewing began in early 2004, and as our kids got older, I found more opportunities to sew.  When I made a Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt for my daughter in 2010, I suddenly had about 20 more shirts to make for various people that were eager to place orders.  Turkey shirts turned into Reindeer shirts…and then Valentine’s shirts…St. Patrick’s…and somewhere in all of that, “Silly Jillybeans” became much more of a presence, with a variety of custom shirt orders and dress orders.

I continued to push myself to learn more and become more confident at the sewing machine (and serger!), until, at some point, I was sewing ALL the time, testing clothing patterns for designers, making a variety of clothing items for myself and the kids.  In the Spring of 2014, I was STUNNED to have been contacted by a Zulily representative, asking that I consider selling my holiday shirts on their website.  Given the crazy life of being mom, I politely declined and they assured me that they would be ready if and when I changed my mind.

Summer of 2014, I decided to setup a “Sewing School.”  I organized and taught kids and adults and LOVED it so much that I knew I couldn’t stop when summer was over…and so, here we are!  I love, love, love what I do, and am thrilled that so many people want to learn to sew!


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